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Actibush product range including Pins, Bushes, Shims and Pin Seals.

30 years of experience in design
and manufacture of hardened steel products


Our Products 

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Build Your Custom Product

Made from high tensile centreless ground steel stock, pins are cut to length then chamfered, drilled and tapped to your specifications. Further customisation to your specification is available and we are able to offer exceptionally fast turn around times and competitive pricing.

                                    Excavator Pins, Digger Pins, EWP Pins, Hardened Steel Pins,
                                 Earthmoving Machinery Parts, Hydraulic ram repairs,
                             Excavator Repairs, Bulldozer parts, Excavator Parts.

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The ActiBush Advantage


ActiBush bushes are made In New Zealand from quality steel and hardened to ensure a longer life and trouble-free operation. All bushes are passivated for corrosion-resistance and easier removal. Our bushes have been finished to allow for running clearance and crush and press fit. Pin & hole are nominal size.

Hardened Steel bushes, Excavator Bushes, Digger Bushes

Hardened Pins & Tags

We reckon our pins and tags are the toughest on the market. Our pins are made in NZ from high-tensile centreless ground steel, and they're customer-proven to last 2-3 times longer than most OEM equivalents. We hold a large stock of tags, and we have pre-hardened pre-drilled bar onsite. We can usually add tags, greaseways and counterbores in less than 24 hours.

Actibush Hardened Steel Pins, Digger Pins, Bucket Pins, Excavator Pins, Custom Pins made to order

Shims & Pin Seals

If you need a quality shim to provide surface leveling, adjustment or support, call ActiBush. Our shims are made in NZ from low-carbon steel and we have more than 30 standard sizes ready for same-day dispatch. We also can make custom shims to suit your project. 

All of our seals are made with Neoprene with a metal exterior. This makes them both strong and flexible. It also makes them easy to install. Most standard sizes in stock. 

Actibush Shims and Pin Seals, Bucket Shims, Digger Shims, Excavator Shims


  • Why should I use ActiBush bushes?
    ActiBush bushes and pins are New Zealand made to the highest standards, they have been proven to outlast many OEM pins and bushes in the harshest conditions.
  • My local engineer can make pins and bushes. What makes you so special?
    Acti-Bush bushes are heat treated to harden them to 58 to 62 Rockwell C. This is done at a specialised heat treatment facility and has a turnaround time of several days. For this reason, we stock hardened bushes for immediate delivery. If anyone offers you same day custom made bushes they will not be properly hardened and will not last.
  • Do you guarantee your pins and bushes?
    As we cannot control the application, installation and conditions our pins and bushes are used under, we do not put a time guarantee on the performance of our pins and bushes. However, we do stand 100% behind our products and will replace any defective components.
  • I have an old, worn out machine that requires new pin and bushes. can you help?
    If we can't supply you pins and bushes off the shelf, we can make you new ones to your specifications. Alternatively, depending on your location, we may be able to get our sister company Active Engineering to machine your parts to accept standard size pins and bushes.
  • The area where the seals fit has been damaged, how do I fix this?
    We can build up and re-machine your parts to repair the damage. This can be done on site or at our workshop. Our sister company Active Engineering provide this service.
  • Will fitting ActiBush pins and bushes affect my machine's warranty?
    Pins and bushes are wearing parts that are not usually covered under the machine manufacturer's warranty. Replacement of pins and bushes with Acti Bush parts should not affect your warranty. However, please refer to your warranty exclusions and conditions.
  • What is Rockwell hardness? what does 58 to 62 Rockwell C mean?
    Rockwell is an internationally recognised hardness scale. Rockwell C (or RHC) is used for measuring the hardness of steels. 58 to 62 Rockwell is close to the maximum hardness that can be achieved by hardening conventionally machined steels.



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